In astrology, Virgo is the seventh zodiac sign. People born under this sun sign are ruled by Mercury, they often have a deep need for purity and perfection. In this video, I will explain to you in details what makes a person born under the sun sign of Virgo so special and how to understand their personality and psychology.

If you are a Virgo this video will help you understand your deeper self.
If you have a Virgos as your friend, relative or partner, this video will help you understand them.

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These videos are inspired by years of observation of my friends, relatives, clients trying to understand their deep zodiac psychologies, my empathic abilities and reading various books on zodiac signs (I remember spending hours reading Linda Goodman, Dane Rudhyar books -and many others- when I was a teenager).

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My predictions are based on my deep intuition, my reading of tarots and my knowledge of astrology.

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