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It’s not hard living with type 2 diabetes when you’re in the right story and getting good advice.
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In a previous video about living with type 2 diabetes, I’ve told a rather long story about a friend of mine who had very recently a member of the family diagnosed with diabetes. Type 2 diabetes.

Together, we’ve managed to make a video – a little bit simplistic – about the whole story of symptoms, of going to have some medical tests, and then receiving some unfortunate news.

Again, the video was a little bit raw, but, for the time being, we just couldn’t do better.

Here’s the link to the previous video about living with diabetes type 2, a true story.

Well, after having published it on Youtube, I realized that I was a little bit too sad, too pessimistic.

As I’ve said, in more than 20 minutes, I’ve explored a case of a person realizing it had diabetes type 2 and, afterward, trying to cope with this devastating view!

However! I think life is not so grim, so cruel!

You just need to get the proper guidance, and, as I’ve read a lot, there are ways to live a very healthy life. Even when you have to follow the treatments for type 2 diabetes.

You just have to keep up with your morale when living with type 2 diabetes!

You’ve got to stay optimistic!

Therefore, I’ve put together an excellent selection of quotes about life, in general, and about staying healthy, in particular.

These quotes are full of wisdom. I really hope they will help in your struggle with living with type 2 diabetes.

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